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The One

Rock 'N Roll
By Electronic Arts
Amiga 500

Published in The One #15

Rainbow Arts provides the rock. And Gordon Houghton lets the good times roll.

Rock 'N Roll

It's a lonely life for a lost football. Someone has plonked you deep inside a vast complex of mazes, vents, traps, doors and holes, and it's up to you to get out on your own. Being kicked around a park for ninety minutes was never this bad.

Things aren't so terrible though. Even if there are 32 huge levels ahead, packed with more danger than a pair of spiy footy boots, there's an unlimited time limit, and there are plenty of items lying around to help you get out. Even if you get deflated by falling off the landscape, some kind soul will come along and blow up your bladder again.

You need balls as well as brains to complete Rock 'N Roll. It's not the most brain-taxing game in the world, but it does mean taking a few risks just when you can't find a way out of the maze - and this adds to its already strong appeal as a varied puzzle game.

As well as all the items to collect, modes of transport and keys to find, the landscapes are broken up by hills, ice patches, explosions, acid, one-way arrows and cracked tiles. And those are ust the things you can see - there are also hidden bonus corridors and invisible secret passageways.

One of the best features is the smooth eight-way parallax scrolling, but it's the puzzle element on which it stands or falls, and Rock 'N Roll has plenty of puzzles and 32 huge levels to get through.

There are only two things which stop it being great: a lack of a password system and a time limit. As it is, it's too easy to complete levels because there's nothing to make you hurry into a mistake, and completing the same level over and over again loses its appeal after a while.

Even so, take a look - there's plenty in there for any puzzle game fan.

Gordon Houghton

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