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Rock 'N Roll
By Rainbow Arts
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Crash #74

Rock 'N Roll

Babam-balooma-showap-diwop has nothing to do with this: it's a rolly ball game much in the mould of Bounder, Incredible Shrinking Sphere and Mad Balls. You are the ball which must escape from 32 tortuous mazes that threaten to destroy it. Well the mazes don't, but some of the obstacles in its path have a damn good try. Magnets, energy barriers, bombs, bottomless pits, doors et al, all gang up to ensure a right balls up.

But programmers are nice people really - scattered around each level are useful, and indeed essential objects. Keys to open doors, bombs, eyes (to see more of the level map), spikes (to get a grip on ice), diamonds and money are found lying on the ground. Money is essential to purchase goods from the 'shopping centers': icons set into the floors of the maze. Roll over them with the right change and pick up the goods, or if cash levels are low sacrifice some precious energy to get the goods. Whatever happens, get a move on: the mazes are all tough.

I've always had a soft spot for this game type, and although Rock 'n' Roll isn't stunningly special I like it. The going is certainly challenging. Even with the handy objects the obstacles are nasty to negotiate and only careful planning has you succesfully whizzing around the maze in search of the exit. Satisfying for maze freaks.

MARK ... 79%


'Rock 'N Roll is a weird game. It's a bit like rolling a marble down a maze of tubes, holes and gates, - but this marble has a brain - yours! The different icons you need to collect to remove different gates and allow you to go over certain types of shading confuse you at first, well, they did me, but you soon get used to them (after reading the instructions!). It's a pity more of the screen hasn't been used for the play area. Only a square in the middle gives a view of the maze, the rest is there purely for presentation -what a cop out. Presentation is of a good standard, until you find out the game is a multi-load, even in 128K mode. Tunes and fancy effects throughout make up for this though. All the graphics are small but clear, let down somewhat by the monochrome used in the play area.'

Mark CaswellNick Roberts

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