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Sinclair User

By Image Works
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Sinclair User #117


Whirr click, target acquired and weapons locked; TERMINATE!

Robozone is a bleak future world where mankind has made like a banana and spilt (oh no, Big Al becoming a hippy! - ED), driven from the over-populated cities of planet Earth by toxic waste and pollution. Not all were rich enough or intelligent enough to escape hough. Protecting the cities until the chosen ones can return are though robot squaddies known as 'Wolverines'. With bodies of steel and minds of pure silicon, the Wolverines have until recently, only had to deal with marauding bands of mutant humans, abandoned in the ruins by their governments, but now a newer, much more dangerous threat has emerged.... the Pollutant Scavengers.

Pollutants come in many forms, all shaped like insects but varying from easy to kill bumble bee nasties to die hard stick insect storm troopers, the common denominator being that they are all nasty and are all trying to take control of the city.

The year is 2067 and the Robozone is New York - and it is in the long decayed subways of this once magnificent city that our Wolverine's mission begins, fighting his way through the maze of tunnels and passages, collecting power ups and weapon upgrades until he finds a way up onto the mean streets above.

Once streetside in New York the Wolverine's task is to find parts for a super computer he once possessed but which was destroyed in battle. In order to defeat the Scavengers he needs this device, known as the Oracle. Having pieced this together he must then go to the final task of destroying the Pollutants headquarters; the Furnace. This is what they've been hiding all along, a gigantic factory in what used to be Time Square, designed to seriously pollute the whole world, destroying all human life and leaving the planet to the Scavengers.

The first level with it's horizontally and vertically scrolling action is superbly animated, your Wolverine looks and acts like a Star Wars scout walker and is going to please a lot of people. The second level street scenes have a forward looking aspect which is less attractive, however the action returns in the final level. Close to its glorious beginning the finale is quite a shoot up. Although the levels are large it's a pity there are only three, but if you're into good looking graphic action Robozone is certainly worth a try.

Label: Image Works/Mirrorsoft Memory: 48K/128K Price: 11.99 Tape Reviewer: Alan Dykes

Overall Summary

The first level of Robozone is impressive, unfortunately the rest doesn't quite live up to it, nevertheless it's a spanking fine shoot 'em up with good graphics.

Alan Dykes

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