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By Image Works
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Crash #93

Mucky lot aren't they, humans? Billowing out loadsa yukky pollution all over the place. Well "environment friendly" is obviously an unknown quantity in this world (Whoever heard of a green robot anyway?). Mark Caswell dons his gas mask and takes a trip into the future...


Since the start of the Industrial Revolution in the 1700s mankind has been destroying its planet, and by the year 2067 there's not a lot left. This is where this is set: in a world very different to ours (or is it?) - Earth is dying and only the privileged few will be saved.

The lucky survivors flee to the hills and leave the cities in the care of Wolverine robots. Scientists reckon the pollution will disappear in a decade or two, with the Wolverines coping till then. But a band of strange robots, known as the Scavengers, take over New York and erect a huge domed building: The Furnace, which begins to create even more pollution (chain smoking robots?). As the only surviving Wolverine, damaged and suffering from a lack of memory, you must locate and destroy The Furnace to save New York

Go For It, Wolfie!

The three level game starts with a trip through the old New York Subway to the otherwise sealed off Furnace. This first part is viewed side on, and is a horizontally scrolling shoot-'em-up with the Wolverine up against many weird and wonderful creatures. Wolfie ain't too hot in the weapon stakes, but as you thunder along the dank subway tunnels, weapon power-ups can be found. Contact with the Scavengers or their bullets depletes your energy bar, but there are power pick-ups along the way.

Level two takes you to the streets of New York where Woffie has to find the components to rebuild his onboard computer. The required bits and bobs are scattered around, so extensive searching is needed. When all parts are assembled you must find the scientist, known only as Tank to get him to restore your memory. All the action in this part is viewed head-on, with the streets coming towards you as you move.

The final level is set in The Furnace, and it's a horizontally scrolling shoot-'em up again. Luckily, the return of your memory means your full weapons systems come back on line. Can you defeat the Scavengers and save the world?

Sounds Good But...

After a few games I was ready to throw the Speccy out of the nearest window! Level one is so tough I suspect most people will be tempted to give up very soon after sitting down to play Robozone.

Graphically the game is OK: both the main sprite and the attackers are large (but rather crudely drawn). The backdrops on level one we a bit samey and, as it's so difficult, a subway wall is all you'll see for a while. A bit too tricky to be heartily recommended.

MARK ... 50%

Nick ... 65%

'Robozone is strange. The storyline's great, and the graphics and sound are packed with atmosphere and detail. The only trouble is you can't get anywhere! You run around the different subway corridors on level one, shooting all the nasty insects and robots and collecting the power ups. Then suddenly it dawns on you - you're back where you started with nothing to show for it! The animation on the main character is excellent and very reminiscent of the ED-209 from Robocop and as a basic shoot-'em-up Robozone is fine. Completing a level is a matter of mapping out exactly where to go and moving up and down the tunnels until you find the exit. If you're a shoot-'em-up fan and have the patience to map this may be for you. The game just needs to be more immediately playable!

Mark CaswellNick Roberts

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