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Robot Runner
By Longman
Spectrum 16K/48K

Published in Crash #2

Robot Runner

Do you remember chanting out your tables at school? I certainly do land I'm not that old!), though there was little emphasis on whether pupils actually understood what the recitations meant. Robot Runner gives children practice in the 2 to 9 multiplication tables. The player has to answer the sum correctly in order to move Robot Runner across the screen to retrieve the stolen treasure of Endor. There are, however, all sorts of obstacles to be avoided on the way. At the beginning, the menu allows you to choose which of the nine tables to practise alternatively you can opt for a mixture. Instead of having to press the number keys for the correct answer, the player uses the two vertical cursors to increase or decrease the runner's speed to the number wanted. Certainly, the game element in this program is much more interesting than in Sum Scruncher, and the game is quite a useful way of reinforcing the tables.

Educational Aim: multiplication

Age Range: 6 and over

Control Keys: cursor keys only

Use of Colour: attractive

Graphics: fairly good

Rosetta McLeod