Home Computing Weekly

Robin Hood

Author: M.P.
Publisher: Pocket Money
Machine: Dragon 32

Published in Home Computing Weekly #120

Cheap software is good news and especially for those Dragon owners who feel a Iiule isolated at the moment. Microdeal has long been associated with this computer and some of its best games.

The trick, as I understand it, is to design a playable game which has become old hat and re-hash it. In the case of this game that is what seems to be offered.

You are Robin Hood and your mission is to rescue Maid Marian from the clutches of the wicked Sheriff of Nottingham. You struggle up-screen, collecting gold on your way, running and jumping onto platforms. The Sheriff is hurling stones down in Kong style and on the upper levels you also have to avoid arrows. The graphics are very good, smooth and certainly up to the best standards achieved in the more expensive games.

Robin Hood

There is also a bonus screen should you rescue Marian which involves collecting falling heans. But that is it.

A joystick is needed to control Robin in what turns out to be a very playable little challenge. The rocks being thrown are accurate and should you be hit or fall off the platform you tumble into the moat below.

You are able to choose between black, buff and green screens and instructions are scrolled neatly at the beginning. This game, of the current batch of five I've been given, represents the best value.


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