Home Computing Weekly

By Virgin Games
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #43

In this adventure game you are a robber who has to find a castle dungeon vault to steal the 'untold riches' kept in a safe there.

It has three screen displays. In the first, you have to guide a little man to pick up three objects without being killed by a moving torch beam.

The second screen shows a row of circles meant to look like a bridge. The circles disappear randomly so it is difficult to cross the bridge without falling through. Three splats and you are back to the beginning.


If you make it, the following screen represents flooded caves and catacombs, inhabited by deadly fish, birds, and oddly, gigantic bouncing balls, all after your blood.

If you escape these, a path appears occasionally for you to find your way to the treasure. If you take too long on this, a time lock operates and seals you in the vault forever.

My copy was difficult to load, requiring very high output levels on the tape player. The instructions gave the wrong movement keys, though the correct ones are given on screen.

Not much impressed with this program.


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