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Road Race
By Activision
Commodore 64/128

Published in Computer & Video Games #48

Road Race

Ever seen the American movie called The Cannonball Run? It's packed full of stars, car chases and mega-accidents. Well, The Great American Cross Country Road Race is a bit like that!

The aim of the game is to race across America - travelling from city to city - avoiding police speed traps, dealing with nasty weather conditions, making regular fuel stops and beating the clock at the same time.

The game is a mixture of arcade action and strategy. First you must judge the best route to take between cities - taking into account road conditions etc by using the map screen. This shows major roads and cities in the USA.

Once you've selected your route, it's out onto the highway where natural hazards may well slow your progress and stop you reaching your goal. Unnatural ones like the high speed cop cars out to book you!

Control of the car comes close to the real thing - you have to watch your revs and change gear smoothly otherwise your engine blows - and it's a long push to the next service station. Yes, you can push by hitting the joystick Decathlon fashion but it's not recommended! You probably won't make it to your destination in time.

You are equipped with a fuel gauge, rev counter, mileage gauge, clock and the all-important radar warning device.

Road Race is an enthralling game.