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Home Computing Weekly

Ring Of Power
By Quicksilva
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #42

Ring Of Power is described on the inlay card as a text *or* full colour graphics adventure game. There are no instructions supplied - not even a vocabulary.

To enter the graphics mode you enter the command "GRAPHIC" and "TEXT" to return to text mode. Although they may seem obvious, it took me quite a long time before I found these out by accident.

The graphics are fairly dull and straightforward. The scene is the same for all similar places, and not very impressive at that. As a text game, I found it quite enjoyable.

I would not advise any adventuring experts to buy it - they would find it too easy. For a newcomer to adventures, or someone who finds most adventures difficult, though, this game would be ideal.

You play Ring Of Power on a set of different levels. When one level has been explored, you move up to the next. Unfortunately, you can't move back down a level to recover an object you need - this was the only thing (apart from the lack of instructions) that I found annoying.

The game consists mainly of exploring and solving the odd problem. There are no creatures out to kill you or traps to fall into.