Rick Hanson

Published in EUG #59

From the starting location, go W then IN to the telephone box. GET the RECORDER and PLAY RECORDER to receive your instructions (which take a while to be displayed). Before the recorder self-destructs, THROW RECORDER.

Exit OUT of the telephone box, go W then N and GET the PORK PIE. Now go S and W to Platform 1. Go U, N, N and D to cross the bridge then N and E into the workman's place. GET the SPANNER then retrace your steps W, S, U, S, S, D, E, E and E again. Now go N and GET the POLISH. A man in dark glasses will start to follow you and if you make a mistake within the next ten moves or so, he will shoot you dead.

Return S, W, W, W, U and N to the centre of the bridge. Now keep WAITing until a train is passing below you. When you see the carriage containing loose stone chippings passing underneath, JUMP.


From the sidings, go D and D to the staircase then SE, S, SW, W, NW and N to the outskirts of the village. Go W, W and W then GET the IMPI. Now go E, S, W, W and W to GET a RAZOR. E, N, E and N will now take you to the village square.

Go IN to the church. Inside, go S, S and W then EXAMINE FRAME and make a note of the hymn numbers. Go E, S and E into the vestry. Climb U, NE and E on the steps to the bell tower. CUT the ROPE hanging down WITH the RAZOR then GET the ROPE. To leave the church, go W, SW, D, W, N, E, N, N and OUT. Now go E then IN to the butcher's shop. GET the HOOK.

Exit OUT of the butcher's and go S, W, W, S, E, E and S to the dark alley. Go W, W, W, W, S and IN to the tavern. INSERT IMPI INTO BANDIT then PLAY BANDIT. GET the QUHUT you win, go W and PAY BARTENDER WITH QUHUT. He will give you a bottle of ale. Try drinking it!

Go U, U, U, N, N, N, N and OPEN EAST DOOR then go E into bedroom four. CLOSE WEST DOOR then SLEEP. You will receive further instructions in the form of a coded letter. GET LETTER and READ LETTER. Translated, it reads: VISIT THE CHURCH THEN GO TO THE BOOKSHOP AND ASK FOR THE TWELVE APOSTLES.

OPEN the WEST DOOR to your room then go W and N. OPEN the other WEST DOOR and go W into the bathroom. SHAVE WITH RAZOR.

Go E, S, S, S, S, S, D, D, D, E and OUT to leave the tavern and N, E, E, E, E, N, W, W, W, N, E, E, N and W back to the village square. W, W, N, N, NE, SE, S, W and IN to the bookshop where you should ASK FOR THE TWELVE APOSTLES. You will be given a book. READ BOOK. The coded instructions read: BEYOND THE FARMHOUSE LIES YOUR DESTINY. MEET A FELLOW AGENT AT THE ICE SHRINE.

Go OUT and E of the bookshop then N, NW, N and NE to the petrol station forecourt. FILL BOTTLE WITH PETROL then go NW, N, N, NE, E, E, E, E, S, S, W, W and S. GET the TYPE then go IN to the car and GET the SEAT COVER.

Go OUT, N, E, E, N, N, W, W, W, W, SW, S and then W through the hole in the hedge. Go N, N through the muddy field to where the river is calm and SWIM across it (with the aid of the tyre).

In the lush pasture, go SW and WAVE SEAT COVER then DODGE BULL. Go W, N, IN and GET TROWEL before continuing OUT, N, N and W to a pile of manure. DIG WITH TROWEL here to discover a firearm. GET GUN and get rid of the mouse by DROPing the PORK PIE.

From the manure, go NW, NE, E and E. OPEN IN DOOR and go IN, E and N to discover some skis. GET SKIS then go S, W, OUT, W, W, NE. At the foot of the cliff TIE the HOOK TO the ROPE, THROW ROPE and CLIMB ROPE. Go N into the cave and READ MARKINGS. Make a note of what you find.

Go S, W, NW, N, NE and N to the ice shrine. Go E then WAX SKIS WITH POLISH and WEAR SKIS. Ski D, D and D the hill then TAKE OFF SKIS and go E and N. GET the MATCH, go S and MAKE a BOMB.

As with the train, now WAIT for a jeep. When you get the message "There is the sound of a vehicle approaching", LIGHT BOMB and THROW BOMB. Go S to the jeep and EXAMINE CORPSE, GET its UNIFORM and WEAR UNIFORM. Then get IN the jeep and keep typing DRIVE JEEP until you reach the gates of the military establishment. When the guard asks for a password, type in what you read on the wall of the cave.

DRIVE JEEP one more time then go OUT, S, E and IN. To get through this maze, you must go N, O(UT), S, O(UT), U(P), N, D. [SILENCE = NO SOUND - One of the trickier mazes, I'm sure you'll agree!]. Once through you should go D, D, W, W, W and N then GET the SCREWDRIVER. Go S and E, E, E, E, E, E, D, D, D, E, N, N and W where you can GET a BULLET.

Return to the top of the ladder with E, S, S, W, U, U, U and go E, E, N, N, E, E, S. To open the door above the alcove, PRESS 18970 (the numbers from the church) and then go S. OPEN SOUTH DOOR WITH SCREWDRIVER and go S again.

You will be faced with the evil Garantz darting toward a red button. KILL GARANTZ WITH RAZOR (No, you don't use the gun) will ensure your victory!!

Dave E