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Return Of R2
By Blue Ribbon

Published in A&B Computing 5.02

Another new title from Blue Ribbon, whose release schedule has a nice balance of re-releases and fresh games. However, a combination of cover artwork that suggests a Peter Scott game and a gameplay that owes everything to Ultimate's Alien 8, except in the crucial areas of talent and graphic detail, makes this the least appealing of this month's releases.

Using that old familiar pseudo-3D, diagonal rooms with lots of doors, plenty of objects that kill on contact, etc that characterised Alien 8, the idea is to explore a space station to collect energy before time runs out. The detailing (hah!) of the graphics is non-existent to the point of insulting, the animation is poor, the room structures are poor copies of Ultimate's originals and the game does not inspire you to play on.

Steer clear of this one - it won't make it to the Dodgy Dungeon but with the original Ultimate 3D arcade adventure classics now available on budget format there is no need to divert your attention this way. Great pity, Blue Ribbon - you've always done better than this and your budget titles have long been models of value for money software. This game does nobody any favours.

Dave Reeder

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