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Repton 2
By Superior
Acorn Electron

Published in A&B Computing 3.02

Those of you who liked Repton will love Repton 2. Purchasers of the original game will have a fair idea of what's in store for them in the sequel.

Repton 2's music although different from that of Repton is of the same high standard and the various sound effects heard throughout the game have been improved. The graphics, which have also been improved, provide more animation and reveal an altogether more complex game. One slight criticism of the graphics is that the "wrap-around" effect at the edge of the screen, which only occurred when Repton moved vertically in the first game, now occurs with movement in all directions. This however will not prove distracting to most players.

With Repton 2, the passwords, maps and lizards are no more, instead we have spirits, meteors, transporters, jigsaw puzzle pieces and monsters, to name but a few. Items such as boulders, diamonds, eggs and safes are all retained from the original concept.

Repton 2

Briefly, the idea of this game is for Repton (a clothed lizard) to collect 4,744 earth sections, 1,634 diamonds, destroy 18 monsters (initially concealed in eggs), use 64 transporters, collect 42 jigsaw pieces and finally collect a "finish character". All of this has to be achieved before Repton loses three lives.

Each jigsaw piece, as it is collected, is automatically deposited at the bottom of the starting level. Upon completion, a welcome message is revealed.

The transporters are used to take Repton to other levels where different perils and puzzles are encountered. Sometimes these transporters provide the only means of escape from a dead end or attacking monster. Should Repton become completely trapped, a life can be forfeited in the hope of materialising elsewhere. As the game unfolds, it becomes clear that not all items on a particular level can be collected in one visit.

Repton 2 is very challenging and those who found the original too easy will be pleased to know that this version certainly is not. As with Repton there is a competition, but this time there should be far fewer finalists.

One important word of warning, this game does not work on the BBC B+. Even though it will apparently run perfectly for a time, the inevitable breaking of an egg will cause the game to crash.

Dave ReederDavid Glew

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