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Rentakill Rita
By Mastertronic
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2

Published in Sinclair User #69

Rentakill Rita

Although Rentakill Rita isn't half as awful as it sounds, nothing changes the fact that it's yet another of a long series of what used to called 'Ultimate-style' arcade adventures. Each chamber in the game is depicted in single colour 3D perspective, and the task is to guide the stumpy Rita around the chambers, wiping out creepy crawlies which infest the Manor by dropping weights and squirting aerosols on them.

While the graphics are OK, especially the flying eyeballs and sinister wasps, we've all seen this kind of 'pick up the block, drop it on another block' thing too many times before. Along side the invention of Jon Ritman's Head over Heels, Rentakill Rita doesn't shape up at all well.

Overall Summary

Another undistinguished attempt to produce an Ultimate-style arcade adventure on the cheap.

Chris Jenkins

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