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Amstrad Action

Red Heat
By Erbe Software S.A.
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #72

Red Heat

Arnold Schwarzenegger, everybody's favourite psychopath, is back (he said he would be). This game is based on the Carolco movie of the same name and sees our hero playing a Russian cop, Ivan Danko.

Danko is on the trail of a Russian drug dealer who has fled to Chicago. Danko must team up with an American cop to find this well dodgy geezer. As you can imagine, they don't exactly hit it off, but true to buddy movie fashion, they end up being best pals and saving the world, etc.

The game on the other hand, features only Arnie and takes the form of a mindless beat-'em-up interspersed with bits of shoot-'em-up. When the game starts, Arnie is viewed naked, fortunately from the waist up. Why is he naked? Because he is in a sauna, that's why!

Naked Men!

Lots of other naked men come in at this point and proceed to attack poor old Arnie. In the spirit of diplomatic relations, Arnie head-butts them and punches their lights out. There are only two moves available - the Glasgow kiss and the old one-two.

This limits the beat-'em-up aspect somewhat. Fortunately, there are other sections to come. The first is a joystick-waggling exercise, where Arnie has to crush what looks like a block of ice. Doing this successfully gives you a massive energy boost for the next section. The next bit is a kind of Op Wolf type thing and very dull it is too.

The graphics are fairly decent, but very repetitive, the sound no more than average and the gameplay stinks. Not the best game ever.


Overall 40%
A duff conversion of a decent film. Fair graphics, but useless gameplay.

Frank O' Connor

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