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Home Computing Weekly

Red Attack
By Unique
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #80

A very "run of the mill" zapping game in which you steer your spacecraft from the bottom of the screen as identical alien ships weave towards you down the screen. You can jump up to five levels onward at the start, but this also loses you lives, in an attempt to increase the level of excitement. Speed is also variable, and movement keys can be defined.

The screen display is very uninspiring; monochrome ships on a white background, though they are relatively flicker-free. That's not to say the game is easy; it's not. But somehow, the idea is just not addictive.

There are 72 different waves of aliens to conquer, but somehow I don't think you'll stick it out that long.

If you do finally enter the hall of fame with a high score, you'll deserve a medal for patience.

Red Attack demonstrates how Spectrum software has progressed in the last two years. What would have been a viable commercial program earlier on, is now barely as good as the best magazine listings. As such, it cannot be recommended, even if it is cheaper than usual.


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