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Home Computing Weekly

Record Keeper
By BBCSoft/BBC Publications
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #46

An extremely well-thought out database package comprising of cassette and 48-page manual. This is written to a very high standard, enabling anyone to get the program running in a very short time.

That is not the limit of the BBC's generosity, however; besides the cassette version, there is a disc version too. What's more, there is a full explanation of their differences and how files from one may be read by the other.

The program is very robust and flexible with particularly good "wild card" search facilities. One other novel is the superb report generator program also enclosed, which allows an almost infinite variety of print styles and formats, all of which can be saved, making it invaluable for use by small businesses, clubs, etc.

All this praise and no problems? Well, the only real and difficult probem I found is the small number of records it can keep in a file. All have to be in memory at the same time so only about 90 names and addresses can be held per file. This does increase speed, however, and as long as you can work within these limits, this is the program for you.


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