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Reading Aid 2
By James Nisbet
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #60

This second in the series of features of introductory SCREEN$ with identical, and equally abysmal, screen presentation.

Because you can't read, you probably aren't aware how complex it is. If your child has problems, it can be frustrating to try to help because you don't understand why they can't do it properly. This may help by outlining some clues we use when reading.

Although we were taught to "sound the letters" we don't now because we use clues to read quickly. Many children find this a difficult process and this series will help diagnose which clues are causing problems. Some clues are ------, others are not.

No, it's not a mistake, just an example of the "cloze" technique used. Can you supply the missing word. As in Aid 1, the child types a response and, if correct, it floats into position. No fuss is made of incorrect responses. They are recorded to be printed out by an adult.

Among the items dealt with: word forms, rhyme clues, anticipation, similar consonant blends and endings. Sadly, price and unimaginative presentation make this less than a best buy.


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