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By Bug Byte
Spectrum 48K

Published in Personal Computer Games #10


"You are in low spirits." And it's not surprising, considering that nasty Rapscallion has pinched your crown and castle and thrown you into the dungeon. Not even landlords behave like that.

So the object of this 'fully animated cartoon adventure' is to get back what's yours. A Fairy Princess enters your dungeon, releases you from the ball and chain and grants you six lives as either bird or fly.

To get back your title deeds you will have to travel through three different areas full of peculiar perils: the Wilderness, the Magic Labyrinth and the Castle. These are made up of well over 50 locations.


In the Wilderness your task is to find the key to the Magic Labyrinth - you can't get in without it. Since there are 20 locations in the Wilderness it's no easy job.

In the Dining Room, entrance and exit are guarded by gigantic, chomping jaws. Crazy tennis players await you in Anyone For Tennis. In Cat Alley there's a big cat who likes nothing better than a tasty bird for a snack. And so on - each of the rooms has its own wacky dangers. In some, then, you will be better off as a bird while in others it's worth losing a life by changing into a fly. Lying around here and there are gems and charming pixies. Touching them will get you a bonus or some useful information.

Making a map is essential in Rapscallion - without it you'll never retrace your steps to the Labyrinth entrance. Once you've got the key and entered the Labyrinth you encounter a series of miniature arcade obstacles, including rampaging pacmen, aggressive brooms and a nasty minefield.

Rapscallion's graphics and animation are good, but not quite up to the standard of games such as Jet Set Willy and Sabre Wulf.

Maybe there's not as much to it as these games, but at least it's not as bugged as JSW! The variety of dangers involved should keep you keep you happy for quite some time.


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