A&B Computing

By Audiogenic

Published in A&B Computing 4.11

Bad luck, Peter Scott! After deserting the highly individual arcade adventure format for which he is well known for a mega-blaster, he is just pipped to the 'Game of the Month' by an arcade adventure, Citadel! Such is life.

Ransack however, is excellent. I've already briefly previewed it, but with eight levels of 104 fast scrolling (parallax scrolling too) screens it really does get the adrenalin flowing. In essence, you merely have to clear each level of aliens - merely? There are 42 different kinds with a couple of hundred different attack patterns!

You control a bouncing fighter AL and, besides having to shoot aliens, you must control the bouncing to avoid spikes on the scrolling planet surface which deplete your energy. In fact, learning the layout of the planet surface is vital - as well as controlling your up/down bounce, you can also move left/right. During the waves of aliens there are also weapon icons to collect (extra firepower, multi-directional firepower, etc) and these can then be chosen to help you - the smart bomb is useful, for example.

Playing the game is great fun! Whilst not as fast as many shoot-'em-ups, there is so much occurring on screen that tension and excitement are guaranteed. Graphics, as we've come to expect from Peter, are well up to standard: satisfyingly chunky and large.

I love Ransack - it brings an original vision to a frequently hackneyed species of game and displays all of Peter Scott's ability. If you enjoy blasting, you'll love this one! Watch out too for his next game - another blaster called Pillage, which he describes as 'a real change of pace'. Looks like I'll have to start oiling my keyboard!

Jonathan Evans

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