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Rainy Day
By Cases Computer Simulations
Spectrum 48K

Published in Personal Computer Games #10

Rainy Day

If it's pouring with rain outside, and the dog's just chewed up your cassette of Revenge Of The Mutant Carrots, then you might be tempted to load up Rainy Day.

Hold it right there! Are you *sure* you want to do this? Are you man - or woman - enough to cope with ten different mini-jigsaw puzzles? Or a Mastermind-clone? Or the dreaded 'Reaction Tester'?

That's what you'll be faced with in Rainy Day. The jigsaw puzzles are attractive little pictures that your Spectrum has muddled up and which you must rearrange against the clock. Very enjoyable if you like jigsaw puzzles.

'Code-breaker' is Mastermind with a time limit. You are allowed no more than 15 attempts to guess the code. There are three levels of difficulty that alter the number of digits in the code and the time limit.

One of the problems with 'Code-Breaker' was that if you entered a wrong digit by mistake, you couldn't rub it out and lost one of your 15 goes.

'Reaction Tester' is... well... a reaction tester. Are you 'Sober as a judge' or should you 'Take a bus'? Stop the falling ball, check your reaction time, and find out.

Rainy Day is better presented than most games compendiums, which are usually noticeable for their atrocious graphics and poor programming. What's more, it's reasonably priced. However I don't think it'll have you spending too much time at the keyboard.

Unless it really is pouring outside, and the dog *has* chewed up your cassette of Revenge Of The Mutant Carrots.


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