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Raiders Of The Lost Ring
By Arcade
Spectrum 48K

Published in Computer Gamer #11

Raiders Of The Lost Ring

One of the most popular types of game over the past year has been the platform game but it is becoming very hackneyed these days so it takes something pretty special to make you sit up and take notice, such as stunning graphics, catchy tunes and novel ideas. Raiders Of The Lost Ring has none of these and what it does have is extremely poorly implemented.

I suppose I should have got suspicious when the game gives you 25 lies to start off with! There is only one way through each screen which is depicted in large graphics although these are poor in the extreme with some horrendous attribute problems. Most of the screens have the same sort o problems to be solved involving jumping onto ropes whilst avoiding arrows, rocks, apples and fireballs hurled by animated garden gnomes and statues.

There are keys to collect and the odd banana to boost your energy. There are also two rather naff little tunes, one before you start and one every time you die.

I would feel rather aggrieved if I had paid £1.99 for this rubbish. At its actual asking price of £5.95, you would have more fun if you bought six magazines and typed in the listings. Don't waste your money.