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Blast Annual

Rade Runner
By iadvd
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Blast Annual 2020 Volume 2

Rade Runner

This is a multi screen platform game by IADVD using the Mojon Twins La Churrera engine MK1. The theme is unsurprisingly based around Blade Runner. You play Weon who's been told by Rytell Corp that he's a Lepricant. They stole his photos before he could escape. He plans to get all seventeen of them back from the Rytell Junk Recycling Facility, destroy all eighty Rade Blunners and Octobots in his way and escape from the city by returning to the facility entrance.

Areas are made of the usual pass through blocks, impassable wall blocks and fatal blocks (Koight-Vampff machines deplete your energy). There are also lifts. The enemies move left and right or up and down and can be killed by jumping on their heads. Access cards can be found and used to open doors. Paper cranes give you energy and the photos you need to collect are strewn around the whole area.

This is a typical La Churrera game. You can move left, right and jump around. There's nothing really wrong with it but it's like most other games of this type, created with this engine. It has nothing really new to offer at all. Everything about it screams generic platformer. So it's not as fun or exciting as it might have been if a few new mechanics or ideas were thrown into the mix.

Unfortunately It's just your average platform game and nothing more.

John Davies

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