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By Domark
Spectrum 48K

Published in Sinclair User #112

R.B.I. 2 Baseball

Strike One! Another two of those missed balls and you're out, and believe me this game is so realistic you'll feel the disappointment.

Domark have packed a lot of graphic action into R.B.I Baseball, with up to four separate views running simultaneously on screen (on a Spectrum!) so it could have ended up looking like gremlin in a food mixer. Instead it looks like a live game in a stadium which is of course what was planned.

Those familiar with baseball will love this, those not may struggle at first. There's a complete list of Major League baseball teams from Seattle to Miami to choose from. There are team statistics, starting and reserve player line ups and of course you must decide on the correct pitching or batting order for your players.

R.B.I has two difficulty levels. The easy mode slows down the action and when you re batting, it delays the pitching team's return of outfield balls thus allowing your team to get in a few runs. However on the difficult level, they'll run you down if they can and the familiar cry (or bleep in this case), of "all out", will send you back to the "pit" with the imprint of first base on your forehead.

When pitching, (known as bowling here in blighty, I believe), there is full control of the player on the mound, he can move left or right and throw a fast or a slow ball. Once he has thrown, control is switched to the fielding player nearest to the ball, who must retrieve it and throw it at one of the four bases to put the opposing players out.

If you're batting then you only retain control long enough to whack the ball, hopefully into oblivion, after that the computer takes over and co-ordinates your players as they run between the bases. This means that you must practise hitting the ball properly before you start getting home runs. It also helps to look at your current player statistics before you start showing off, as some are better than others!

Intro screens ore wonderfully colourful and there is a Baseball newspaper at the end to announce the winners. The theme music is smashin' and the sound during the game isn't half bad either, as long as the volume is kept at a respectable level. Overall R.B.I. 2 Baseball has good graphics, sound and gameplay shows a lot of respect for the real game and is a spiffing example of a sports simulation.

Label: Domark Memory: 128K Price: £10.99 Tape, £14.99 Disk Reviewer: Alan Dykes

Overall Summary

Domark's Baseball simulation! It's a must for sports sim fanatics and followers of the game alike, but be a little wary, however if you do not fall into one of these categories.

Alan Dykes

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