Home Computing Weekly

Quo Vadis

Author: D.R.
Publisher: Softek
Machine: Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #81

You are stuck in a maze of Roman architecture, or so it seems (instructions were not included with the preview copy). The game takes about three minutes to fast load, and you can see why when you play.

The maze has superb graphics game. Its addictiveness, scale (monsters, flaming torches, and variety justify its high price Gothic ornaments, pillars etc.) tag for most people. D.R. and is huge, being many times the size of the screen. Your soldier is stuck in the centre while the maze scrolls around it.

You fight monsters, and can regain strength by finding treasure. You can hop, walk and jump, climb ropes, stairs and rocks but beware: fall in the bubbling pits and you're dead.

Quo Vadis

You have only one life, which makes the adventure more real, as well as frustrating and addictive.

There is only one maze, but it is large enough to baffle you. When you have discovered its limits, you can play for a record score.

Joystick movement is slightly too sensitive, and the background music is a bit quiet, but these are easily overcome.

Overall, this is a very good game. Its addictiveness, scale and variety justify its high price tag for most people.