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Home Computing Weekly

Quiz Package
By B. Jackson

Published in Home Computing Weekly #101

This educational utility comes in three parts: a Question and Answer file-maker, a Quiz Master program, and a General Knowledge sample quiz file. The latter is supplied to illustrate what can be obtained.

The Question and Answer filemaker allows you to create your own quiz, or revision test. There can be up to 50 questions and answers, each question a maximum of 52 letters and the answer up to 26 letters.

The sparse documentation warns you not to use one particular character - but fails to specify which one! There is confusion due to inconsistent labelling.

The Quiz Master is used in conjunction with the files, but best use of TI Basic has not been made, and execution times are extremely slow. Mimicking routines for ACCEPT AT and DISPLAY AT have been used in TI Basic, but there is a distinct lack of editing control which is exasperating. For this reason, the programs are probably better run under Extended Basic with its superior facilities.


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