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Home Computing Weekly

The Quest For The Holy Joystick
By Delta 4
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #86

A Quilled all-text adventure to make you laugh! And it works. Humour comes in many varieties; this is the wry, sly in-joke kind.

Via a very classy re-defined character set, you are transported to London, the Holy City. From there, a variety of buses and coaches take you all over the country to different well-known software houses.

There you meet not only the authors, often described in less than complimentary terms, but characters and situations from their programs. The latter prove very difficult to get out of.

Perhaps the most amusing thing about this program, to my perverse sense of humour, is the way in which the code transfers you in one fell swoop from Hampshire to America, or from the south coast to Spain! And why not?

There is one snag with 'in' humour. You have to be 'in' to appreciate it! As a result, a market is assured with the staff of Melbourne House, Automata and Dream, though north of Watford sales could be a little thin! If you're a software freak, and know the personalities involved, you'll enjoy this.


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