Quedex (Kixx) Review | Zzap - Everygamegoing


By Kixx
Commodore 64/128

Published in Zzap #67


Stavros Fasoulas's "quest for ultimate dexterity" involves guiding a rotating metal ball (though it looks like a disc) through ten puzzling planes to reach the end 'goal' within the time limit. Some of these are scrolling mazes with teleports and doors to unlock, while others require you to jump around collecting things and avoiding hazards. The ten, which can be attempted in any order, are:

  1. Five small sub-planes to practise basic skills.
  2. A scrolling maze with teleports and keys.
  3. Four hidden amulets must be found.
  4. A downhill race. Hitting obstacles drains the time limit.
  5. Go over all the floor tiles to make them the same colour.
  6. Get sucked through pipes and avoid deadly skulls.
  7. Collect extra time units without touching the surrounding goal.
  8. Areas of this maze swiftly disappear: collect the four keys to get to the central goal.
  9. Collect crosses which allow you to destroy all the obstacle blocks.
  10. A series of stepping stones at different heights: take the correct route, jumping from one to another.

If it all sounds a bit dull, that's because it is. We reckon Quedex was well overrated back in Issue 31 (92%). Okay, so you get ten pretty different levels for your money, but none of them are much fun, while most are frustratingly difficult - it you make one tiny mistake on plane 8, you've had it! Wozza was a bit peeved after originally paying a tenner for the game. "It's boring with lax playability, and a great disappointment from Fasoulas."