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Quattro Packs (Codemasters)

By Codemasters

Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3


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Published in Crash #89

Quattro Packs

Quattro Packs

At that sort of price you can't go wrong really. All the packs are themed, but that doesn't mean there's a lack of variety - because there's plenty of different game styles to contend with (you would not believe it, etc, etc).

Quattro Combat features Death Stalker, an okay-ish platform game, SAS Combat Sim, a beat-and-blow-em-up, Ninja Massacre, a bit like Gauntlet with ninjas, and Arcade Flight Sim is what it sounds like, viewed from overhead. Overall 66%

Quattro Power features Moto X, a horizontally scrambling game, Twin Turbo V8 - yer average racing can game - Pro Powerboat is basically speed on water, and the brilliant ATV Sim, a two-player scrambling game in, erm, ATVs. Overall 80%.

Quattro Firepower has 3D Star Fighter, a space blaster, MiG 29, a flying-into-the-screen blaster, Operation Gunship, a great, if little tricky fly and bomb affair, and the Terra Cognita scrolly shoot-'em-up. Overall 72%.

Quattro Adventure offers a great selection of platform games, each different enough to provide long-term playability. The titles are: Vampire, Ghost Hunters, Super Robin hood and Dizzy. Overall 85%.

Quattro Super Hits gives four action-packed games, including Super Stuntman, an entertaining driving game viewed from above. Super Tank gives you a tank to blast through jungle with, Super Hero is a 3D isometric arcade adventure and KGB Super Spy has you flying around scenery picking up lost scientists! Overall 79%.

Quattro Sports is probably one of the best packs on offer with Grand Prix Sim, a well playable overhead Super Sprint effort, Pro Ski Sim, an addictive ski game, Pro Snooker Sim is one of the best snooker sims around and BMX Sim you're already played 'coz it's on the Codemasters tape this issue! Hurrah! Overall 86%.

Quattro Racers is the latest pack aroound and features BMX 2, Championship Jet Ski, ATV Sim and BMX Freestyle. Plenty of fast-paced arcade action here and all of them good titles! Overall 89%

Quattro Combat (Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3)


Quattro Combat


Quattro Power


Quattro Firepower


Quattro Adventure


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Quattro Sports


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