Quad Trap

Publisher: Style Soft
Machine: Spectrum 48K

Published in Crash #17

Quad Trap

Question: what do get if you sit still on the Quad Trap stage? Answer: Eaten!

To explain; the Quad Trap stage is a grid (5x7) of pretty squares, you are the chap in the middle and if you stay there you are going to get eaten by the 'Glutton'. The idea of the game is that you should try and change each of the squares from the original colour to red, how? Simply by moving over them, that's all there is to it - well almost. The problem is that you will not be left alone to wander the stage, muttering Hamlet to yourself while the squares beneath your feet change colour, Michael Jackson style (remember the first video, oh never mind), because of the monsters. Now while the 'Glutton' is harmless because of his low IQ and he won't catch you unless you get in his way, the same cannot be said of the 'Quad' monsters, they are a good deal smarter and will hunt for you. But all is not lost because you have in your pocket a large magic ball, this is your means of capturing the 'Glutton'. Drop it in front of him and while he is thus compromised you can wheel the poor chap around and scoop up a 'Quad' monster with the idea of throwing him off the stage - one down three to go.

Only by clearing the monsters from the stage are you able to re-colour. The game has ten screens, each more difficult than its predeccesor. At the base of the screen the player is told how many lives he has remaining and how he has scored to date. One other little device which should prove valuable is the timer which shows how long the balls' magic will last - just as well, imagine your surprise as you cart the 'Quad' to the edge of the stage only to find that the receptacle, the inanimate 'Glutton' has sprung back to life and is now chewing your leg.


Control keys: E/D up/down, O/I left/right, P drop ball
Joystick: Concom only
Keyboard play: good layout but very poor response
Use of colour: attractive
Graphics: entertaining
Sound: poor, but Currah Microspeech option improves
Skill levels: 1
Lives: 3
Screens: 10

Comment 1

'This game seems to have plenty of potential but it's ruined by the poor response from either the keyboard or joystick. I have no doubt that it can be both an entertaining and challenging game to play but I must confess that I found it very difficult, this may be due to the refusal of my character to move where and when I wanted it to. The resultant lack of progress gave the game something of a monotonous air'

Comment 2

'Quad Trap is the son of game that looks as if it might be interesting at first only to become boring later on. While it has nice, well drawn graphics they are a little jerky. The program's sound leaves a lot to be desired but this is improved by using the Currah Microspeech option- After about an hour's play 1 decided that the first screen was almost impossible to complete. Generally l found this game very infuriating as it was so hard and just a little monotonous.'

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