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Home Computing Weekly

QS Scramble
By Quicksilva
Sinclair ZX81

Published in Home Computing Weekly #4

Your ship is flying over the mountainous surface of a distant planet, under alien attack. You must avoid being shot down by the aliens, while bombing their fuel dumps and grounded rockets. If you miss, the rockets will take off to attack you; and all the time your fuel is running out...

The landscape and fuel dumps are randomly generated and pass from right to left across the screen. But as your own ship remains on the left hand side and only moves up and down, the mountains are easy to avoid. Bombing and shooting are also easy to control.

You can make the game more difficult by changing the rate of fuel use, speeds and scores etc, but even so I found it simple to play and ultimately not very exciting.

However, I had no trouble loading and running it. The screen display is clear and the instructions are easy to follow. (The tape automatically programs the QS sound board and character board if these are available.)

A group of children might enjoy this game, perhaps competing for the highest score. Otherwise, though competently produced and executed, it is rather boring compared to the similar but more sophisticated versions of the game on the market.