Amstrad Action


Author: Bob Wade
Publisher: Amsoft
Machine: Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #13


There are times when I really despair of software houses because of simple faults in games that are guaranteed to drive games-players up the wall. This is a case in point: a game with great graphics, an interesting (if weird) scenario, a lot of depth and complexity - and one infuriating feature that ruins it. The problem is that the objects you have to find are hidden behind things, and move about from game to game, so that you have to spend the whole time aimlessly searching for something you can't see.

The scenario of the game comes from the Hebrew faith, and as usual has very little to do with the game. This is shown up by the fact that, having built up an esoteric and philosophical scene in the instructions, they destroy it all by talking about 'nasties' (in quotes even!). Having coped with that you enter the game itself, and are presented with the superb 3D graphics which Gem do so well. The scenery is composed of detailed objects and buildings in some excellent colour schemes.

You control a purple clad man who shuffles and jumps around the picturesque landscape in search of keys for buildings and objects to help him progress through the game. He can walk behind and in front of things, often disappearing completely so it's very difficult to tell where ho is and how to get him out of there. When he walks near the edges of the screen, it scrolls to reveal more of the scenery.


There are various creatures both moving and static that drain his energy, although there is a point where he can replenish supplies. What is really wildly annoying is having to perform random searches of what is a reasonably large playing area just to find an object - never mind solve any of the game's puzzles.

You certainly can't argue with the graphics, they're excellent, and there may be a good arcade adventure waiting to get out. But wandering around, searching fruitlessly for objects, while not being able to see your character half the time is not my idea of fun.

Second Opinion

What a waste. There was a good game here and they blew it. Why would any self respecting Amstrad addict want to spend hours on end rummaging around behind a load of scenery? Granted the scenery's very pretty, and must have taken a lot of effort - but that just makes it all the more wasteful.

Third Opinion


Forget the game, just wander around admiring the graphics for a while and then load up something else.

First Day Target Score

Find an object.

Green Screen View

Can be very hard to see the edges of buildings, but lack of visibility crippled the game, even in colour.

Good News

P. Excellent detailed and colourful graphics.
P. If you can find things it might get interesting.

Bad News

N. Can't see where you are or where you're going half the time.
N. Objects are hidden from view and moved around each new game.
N. A potentially good game has been spoilt.

Bob Wade

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