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QL Meteor Storm
By Sinclair Research
Sinclair QL

Published in Sinclair User #44

QL Meteor Storm

A terrific new arcade-style craze is about to hit QL owners in Meteor Storm. Trust Sinclair Research to come up with the game we've all been waiting for - when nobody else dared. When we loaded it up, we were so excited we could hardly bring ourselves to write about it. That's the sort of game it is.

What do you do? Well, there are all these meteors out in space. They look like green polygons, outlines of mysterious shapes - talk about graphics! You have a little spaceship, a red triangle. But that's nothing - when you hit an asteroid it splits into two or three or even four bits. When you clear a screen, you get even more.

The sound effects are equally superb. When you hit the fire button you actually get a noise like a space laser going off, real state-of-the-art stuff. It's just like playing a real computer game. And it's not just all shooting at meteors and things - there are rival spacecraft too!

Of course, Sinclair Research isn't releasing this game out of the kindness of its heart, even at such an incredibly low price. I mean, let's face it friends, business is business. Clive needs to sell QLs like billy-o and that means getting some really ace software out.

Meteor Storm is just such a game. Honest, when people see this in the shops they'll be down there forking out their life savings for a QL just to be able to play it. Stuff your Ataris and Commode 128s and Amigas and Amstrads and the rest of them. This is where it's at.