Pyjamarama (Mikro-Gen) Review | Computer & Video Games - Everygamegoing


By Mikro-Gen
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Computer & Video Games #42


If you're a wally who has nightmares about being trapped in beautiful houses and chased by frozen chickens which slide off nearby tables, then here's your dream game.

It really is a dream, too, or at least a nightmare for the central character, Wally. In order to get him to work, you must find his alarm clock (a needle in a haystack job) and drag him out of his nightmare.

All the while, the hours tick by and Wally still isn't at work. He's more likely to be running up ornate stairs or crashing into chandeliers. You get reprimanded for this with periodic uncouth messages appearing on the screen.

Meanwhile, Wally continues to get lashed by axes, scissors and rabit chickens (fortunately not accompanied by roast potatoes and all the trimmings). Small wonder that his glass of milk tends to give you and reduce his sleeptime energy. After all, if you were running round a house all night, you'd get tired too.

If the enemy succeeds in removing his three lives, you will see a sad little form, looking very dead, rising up the screen into Wally heaven.

You'll go from room to room at an alarming speed - kitchen (complete with cereal, milk jug and coffee cup), living room, bathroom, you name it. The bathroom was my personal favourite, but Wally for some reason doesn't go there very often. Perhaps he doesn't wash. All the while, horrific-looking hands will rise from the floor to grab you.

The graphics are truly amazing and the game itself is excellent. Its addictive qualities are high and it's well worth the money for the amount of enjoyment you'll get. Full marks!