Puzznic (Ocean) Review | Sinclair User - Everygamegoing

Sinclair User

By Ocean
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Sinclair User #106


Do you ever feel that some of the best games that you can remember were more frustrating than being a one-armed man hanging from a cliff with an itchy bottom? No, well you obviously must take your genital cleanliness very seriously. And so you should 'cos cleanliness is next to godliness, eh kids?

So whilst we're all taking good, clean, fun, let me introduce you to Puzznic, the very latest game to push past the big, corporate doors at Ocean. It's purely a puzzle game, whereby you must move squares around within a shape and by making blocks with identical symbols on them touch, make them curiously vanish. So where's the big frustration then, you may ask? Where's the itchy bottom and cliff-hanging analogy going to fit in? Well, it's like this. Puzznic is progressive. Very progressive. It's so progressive that it makes cross cultural marriage and positive discrimination seem dull be comparison.

Each successive level contains more puzzles and harder ones too by jingo! And the real thinking part comes in when you have large odd numbers of each type of block. Sometimes you will have to just sit and stare at a screen before you come up with a strategy and a lot of them involve manipulating blocks onto moving platforms and dropping them and then quickly moving another block before it hits the ground.

Sounds complicated? It's not, it's just good, clean, honest to goodness annoying - but what a sense of achievement when you finish a level.

Overall Summary

Brain-busting and frustrating fun. Exercise your brain not your trigger finger.

Garth Sumpter