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Amstrad Action

By The Hit Squad
Amstrad CPC464/664/6128

Published in Amstrad Action #81


Puzzle games, dontcha just love them? The graphics are usually dire, the speed often sluglike, the action as intense as a totally un-intense thing, but still think-'em-ups make for some of the most engrossing games you can get. Vorsprung durch Tetris.

Puzznic is one of the better puzzlies. It finished eighth in our recent Buyers' Guide, and any brain-twisters out there would be well advised to make a bee-line for the budgie shelves.

As with all great puzzle games, the idea is incredibly simple. There are lots of blocks on screen, some of which have little symbols on them. You can move these around the screen, but beware of that naughty law of physics called gravity. The blocks will fall downwards till they reach one of the main plain blocks that make up the 'map'.

There's eight levels, and a total of 36 different sets of four puzzles. That's a total of 144 different puzzles. You can start on any of the first three levels, and once you've completed that set of four puzzles, you can select which set on the next level you'd like to go for. It's very much a case of pot-luck, but there are more different sets of puzzles on the higher levels, so if you get stuck there are a greater number of options available.

Puzznic clocks up a whopping eight points on the spankyometer. Buy.

Adam Peters

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