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Purple Heart
Commodore 64/128

Published in Zzap #44

Purple Heart

Striker and his ole army buddy, Cobra, have been through a lot together. They've experienced every foreign war in the last fifteen years, but now they've been sent on their toughest mission yet. Their orders: to make their way through enemy territory with the one thought in mind - elimination of all enemy personnel.

Purple Heart is murderous action for one or two players, each taking control of Striker and Cobra and their itchy fingers as they stalk the scrolling warzones. A friendly Quartermaster has already passed through and dropped weapons for the boys to use - rapid fire machine guns, pump action double-barrelled shot guns, flame throwers and rocket launchers. Looks like plenty of jolly larks in store for the camoflauged chums, eh readers?


I'm really surprised. This may game since Tau Ceti. Unfortunately that's no great compliment in itself, but no, honestly, this isn't too bad at all. In fact it's quite a reasonable Ikari Warriors clone - without quite so much action, but with a few extra bits.

The two player option adds to the fun, but does suffer from strange screen restrictions, preventing the players from being too far apart. Purple Heart is worth a look but it would have been better at a budget price.


I don't really share Paul's mind enthusiasm for this product, but I have to agree that it isn't down to CRL's standards of late. The Commando-esque action is reasonably good fun for a while and the extra weapons are handy, but they didn't allow me to exercise my destructive urges to their fullest.

Why can't you blow up the jeeps with the rocket launcher, or even burn the foliage with the flame thrower? The graphics and sound are reasonable, but I'd have to have had a lobotomy to spend £10 on Purple Heart when I could get Ikari Warriors on compilation for a couple of quid more.


Presentation 68%
Impressive cinematic opening credits and introductory sequence, but you have to sit through a multi-load to see it. Two player option is OK.

Graphics 60%
A little rough in places but they serve their purpose well enough.

Sound 59%
Reasonable effects and soundtrack.

Hookability 68%
Simple-minded blasting is easy to grasp.

Lastability 63%
Only six levels but it'll take a lot of playing to get through them.

Overall 58%
A reasonably good variation on Ikari Warriors.