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Paragon Publishing

Puchi Carat
By Taito
Game Boy Color

Published in Total Game Boy Issue 10

Add a little bounce to your puzzling!

Puchi Carat

Puzzle games are one of the Game Boy's best genres and Puchi Carat is a blended combination of several classic puzzlers. The game involves bouncing a ball with your thin bat, knocking blocks at the top of the screen in a similar style to Breakout. The problem is, the blocks advance slowly down the screen in Tetris-style. Missing the ball will only result in further advancement of the blocks and the game will finish when the blocks touch the line in front of your bat.

Priceless Gem

Winning a game will see you rewarded with a card to collect and each character has twelve cards in total which you are able to trade with your friends using the lin cable. The game is pleasantly addictive and gets steadily faster as you progress through the levels. The card swapping is a nice idea, but these cards have very little value, unlike a Pokemon with different abilities.

Overall, Puchi Carat is a good game which most will find challenging but it is a little outdated and, unfortunately, still looks like a retro game! It's a bit too much like every other puzzle game we have played, with very little originality!


Graphics 40%
Old and tatty.

Sound 40%
Boing, boing, boing.

Playability 60%
Pretty addictive.

Lastability 80%
You can collect cards.

Overall 65%
An addictive puzzler!