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Amstrad Action

Pub Trivia
By Codemasters
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #54

Pub Trivia

Pub Trivia sets out to replicate the machines that have taken pubs, clubs and hostelries by storm over the last two years.

There are no actual winnings, of course, but if you manage to get a cash question right then that acts as a credit for another game. The ratings for scores start at 'stupid', working up through 'dimwit' to less insulting titles. The only realistic way to get out of the DENSA category and into MENSA is to stash away loads of credits early on.

There are five different question categories: Sport, music, trivia, showbiz and jokers. Your first choice limits the future questions, so think carefully about your route to the top. Jokers are useful as they form a free pass to the next rank - but don't score points.

Pub Trivia Simulator

With over 2,000 questions in two separate loads, there are enough to keep you guessing for weeks.

The graphics feature the kind of uncomplicated cartoon-style characters and button pressing hand you can cope with after fifteen pints of Special Brew. The music wouldn't sound too bad then, either!

The elements of chance, skill and general knowledge combine well to make this a great budget quiz. There may be a limited number of possible posers, but this is balanced out by the random side of some questions and cash prize (credit) placement. These are sufficiently unpredictable to make Pub Trivia an addictive, tough challenge. Besides, the many use less facts may prove invaluable impressing people at dinner parties, after-dinner speaking or even scooping the jackpot next time you pop in the Ferret and Turnip!

Second Opinion

Pub Trivia Simulator

Just like the original Trivial Pursuits - you either love it to bits or find the whole game style just too tedious to bear.

First Day Target Score

3,000 points.

Green Screen View

Perfectly suited.


Graphics 60%
P. Cheeky cheerful graphics.

Sonics 50%
P. Twee theme tune.

Grab Factor 84%
P. Instant quiz fun.

Staying Power 64%
N. 2,000 questions...
N. ...but is that enough?

Overall 70%
You won't call time on Pub Trivia for ages!

Trenton Webb

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