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Psycho Hopper
By Mastertronic
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2

Published in Your Sinclair #53

Psycho Hopper

This, though, is not one of Mastertronic's finest hours - a slow, awkward and rather dreary game based on the notion of a Spacehopper. Remember Spacehoppers? They were pretty fab back in the '70s - huge wobbly things, on which one would jump merrily around the room, holding onto the two wibbly bits at the top. Actually that sounds rather disgusting, but never mind, because Psycho Hopper fails utterly to evoke the great and glorious joys of spacehopping. As you bounce around on your hopper, you must control both height and lateral speed to try and jump up on platforms and grab crystals, avoiding the inevitable nasties on your way. Graphics are, well, basic (if not actually in Basic) and the whole game drags along until you reach Level Two and find that it's no more interesting than Level One. You know the sort of game that chugs along incredibly slowly until you find a 'go faster' pill and it all becomes a little more interesting. Sorry, this ain't one of them. Snore city, I'm afraid.

Marcus Berkmann

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