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By Audiogenic

Published in A&B Computing 6.05

Ah, those were the days - Gary Partis and Peter Scott turning out excellent game after excellent game at Audiogenic. Where is Partis now?

Last I heard, coding for the IBM PC, but here in all its glory is his "unofficial" Uridium clone and what a gem it still is!

It's fast, it's furious, it's annoyingly compulsive and for less than two quid it's an essential purchase. If you've never seen the game, then you're in for a real treat.

A horizontal scroller, the game involves flying a small spacecraft along the length of larger spacecrafts (rather like giant aircraft carriers), shooting surface details for points, blasting enemy places for more points and trying to dodge obstacles. If that doesn't sound too exciting, then you'll just have to play it to see how good it is.

One of my all-time favourites.

Dave Reeder

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