Psycastria (Audiogenic) Review | Computer & Video Games - Everygamegoing


By Audiogenic

Published in Computer & Video Games #62


The Psycastrians are a race of bad lots. Like all aliens, they're bent on conquering earth, and to that end they've been 'psycastrating' themselves into the bodies of world leaders with the aim of causing havoc.

But fear not, Commander Ronald Boggleswick (Boggles to you) is coming to the rescue. In his flexible fighter, he zeros in on the Psycastrian installations on land, at sea, on the moon and in space, out to destroy the energy pods that keep them running. Thereby saving Earth...

Sound vaguely familiar? Like the publicity blurb says, this is the return of the shoot-'em-up. Did it ever go away? You, as Boggles, must manoeuvre along the surface of the installations, avoiding high-rise buildings and enemy craft, blasting the circular pods with your astro-cannons.

The screen scrolls smoothly from the right, and the graphics are clear, if rather difficult to distinguish.

I splatted myself against several buildings simply because I didn't recognise them as buildings in time! But fortunately for the future of Earth, you get accusomed.

It's hot on speed, nerves and reflexes, and very slick. There's a joystick option and up to four players can have a go (Four Boggles? The mind, well, boggles...)

Arcade addicts mourning the good old days, when aliens were there to be zapped and there was none of this cryptic adventure nonsense, will clasp Psycastria to their chests and weep with joy.