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Your Sinclair

By Mastertronic Plus
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2

Published in Your Sinclair #47


Ah ha! A helicopter game - time to dust down the age-old 'chopper' jokes. But then again, space is short, and I really can't be bothered, so let's dive straight into The Review.

This three-quid's-worth places you in the driver's seat of a helicopter at a training school in the Nevada desert. Unsurprisingly you are a trainee chopper pilot. Your mission? To fly around and collect supplies that are dotted around the landscape and deposit them back at your base. Player two, or the computer if you're a bit lacking friend-wise, does the same. Once all the supplies have been collected a bomb will appear which can then be dropped on your opponent's base. End of game. The 'competitive edge' is provided by the ability to nick supply cases from the other guy's base for one's own use (while he's not looking, of course), and to shoot him, causing him to drop whatever he's carrying.

Everything happens extremely quickly, making the controls rather tricky to get to grips with and giving the computer a definite advantage. This is the kind of simple idea which so often makes a really fab, addictive game. In this particular case, though, Protector turns out to be a distinctly unfab, unaddictive game.

Jonathan Davies

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