Home Computing Weekly


Author: R.E.
Publisher: Quicksilva
Machine: BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #14

In this variation on an arcade classic, your task is to wield your laser to protect research units on an alien planet from monsters and mine-laying UFOs.

If you really get into trouble, you can give in and use the hyperspace function - and as the game progresses, your troubles increase.

There's an imaginative scenario to the game on the cassette insert, and instructions for play are given on screen. Control is by joystick only - you can't use the keyboard.

As well as making the best of the BBC's colour, graphics and sound. Protector has that element of "just one more go" that will keep you playing it and maintain its popularity.

Well error-trapped and apparently bug-free, all in all a good, solid, enjoyable game. The only thing missing is a hall of fame feature - a pity, since it gives my children (and myself!) great satisfaction to see their names in lights.


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