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Home Computing Weekly

Projector 1
By McGraw Hill
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #89

An impressive-looking package subtitled Business Graphics Forecasting & Presentation System, which allows you to input date oriented data such as sales info, pairs of values e.g. target and actual sales, or other statistics, and reproduce them in histogram, line graph or pie chart form.

In addition, lines or curves can be fitted automatically to the graphs allowing projections to be made. All sealing is automatic and very rapid, and a very impressive colour fill routine, which the Spectrum lacks in standard form, is employed.

Text can also be input, either as labels or for display in an oversize character set. Using the built-in facilities, you can create a "slideshow" based on the screens held in memory. These can be recalled from Microdrive or cassette.

The package also includes driver routines for a number of printer interfaces to allow hard copy on full size printers, and from which OHP transparencies or litho plates could be made. Unfortunately, only Epson printers are catered for, which is very limiting.

Reasonable value when the amount of real work it will do is taken into account.