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Your Sinclair

Professional Footballer
By Cult Games
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Your Sinclair #71

Professional Footballer

Ah, now this another game where you actually play a footballer rather than a fatman with a cigar, a Jaguar and a sheepskin jacket. You have various skills and the idea is to hone them to perfection 'til you're picked for the team. Then, while the match is going on, you get possession and a question pops into the screen, like: "You're near to goal. Do you a) head the ball, b) dribble or c) shoot?" You have a few seconds to decide, and if you got it right, all your team-mates will come up and kiss you. Mmmm!

The game is nicely programmed, and pretty slick-looking it is too. It's actually the best of the four, even though the graphics aren't completely wonderful. It's got a decent atmosphere, and it's good fun getting the skills of your boy up to strength. [Sorry? - Ed]

James Leach

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