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Professional Footballer
By Cult Games
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #72

Professional Footballer

Professional Footballer is a strategy based football game. Much like Football Manager or European Superleague, it lets you control every aspect of the game except the actual play. This time, though, you are in control of a player, rather than a manager and have to decide upon various strategies of conduct and ability.

This is a very strange concept indeed. Controlling a player in every aspect of football except the game is definitely odd. No, you don't get to go to nightclubs and have a fight. You don't hang out with page three girls, nor do you get to sport an entirely stupid haircut.

Unusual Training

What you do get to do is train for the next match. Training is bizarre. the computer gives you a multiple choice quiz on various aspects of football skill. For example, it may ask you what you would do in a penalty shoot-out or a corner kick. You have four possible replies and percentages of the chance of success each option has.

This method is frankly, a load of old pants. The game is mind-numbingly tedious and will only appeal to people who find train-spotting and anorak-wearing deeply exciting. Avoid!


Overall 31%
Another management sim - and very exciting it is too - if you're completely mad.

Frank O' Connor

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