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Pro Tennis Tour
By Ubisoft
Amiga 500

Published in Computer & Video Games #96

Pro Tennis Tour

Winter's practically knocking on the door, the football season is well underway and everyone decides to knock out tennis games. The latest in the considerably lengthy line is this little offering from French film Ubisoft and, unlike a lot of the dross served up of late, this one's a bit of alright.

Pro Tennis Tour (originally called Great Courts Tennis, but changed since we previewed it last month) sticks faithfully to the rules of the game (too close for my liking - I lost most of the time) and the entire world tennis circuit is included, complete with a pretty picture of a famous landmark of the country concerned when you arrive there.

Well-defined sprites dart around centre court, smashing the ball this way and that - in my case, anywhere except where it should go. Sound effects are well used, with sampled ball-against racket effects and clear speech on the loading screen; I was disappointed with the rather flat title tune, however.

To sum up, Pro Tennis Tour is one of the better computerised attempts at this fast-paced sport, combining challenging gameplay with a high standard of presentation, the two melding together to form a worthwhile package for both tennis fans and computer gamers alike.


Definitely one of the more enjoyable tennis simulations on the Amiga, with a high standard of polish and a wealth of options to please both fans of the genre and casual players.

Paul Rand

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