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Pride Of The Federation
By Excalibur
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Computer & Video Games #75

Pride Of The Federation

The galaxy has outlawed the growing of poppies except on designated space farms, to overcome the problem with opiate drugs.

But alien bandits plan to raid one of the farms, so John Pride - that's you - Pride of the Federation and your mate Jacko, have been planted on one of the farms, to thwart any attempt at a hijack.

You wake up after a drinking bout with Jacko, and find that while you were sleeping it off, an alien force has taken over the station...

This is a three part adventure, with a plot that offers a lot of scope. My expectations were raised by the quality and presentation of review notes, and I particularly noted the advice to examine all objects, both moveable and immovable.

I have rarely been so disappointed, especially in view of the potential of the plot. It all started when I tried to read a notice over a door: "I can't do that" was the reply. So I tried "Examine notice".

By the time I had examined the door, the spiders near it, and the droid past it, and got the same reply, I began to get frustrated.

This increased as more and more notices appeared throughout the first dozen or so locations. The only time I got a different reply to EXAMINE was for "Examine south door". That time I moved south! 'Nuff said.