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Pride Of The Federation
By Excalibur
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Sinclair User #68

Pride of The Federation

The bad news is the price - £6.95 is just a little bit too much for this one.

Even though it's a four-parter, each part is pretty small, and presentation is stone-age Quill.

However, from here on, everything is good news. Pride has been written by someone who really knows their adventures, and all the little problems that adventurers like to be confronted with.

You take the role of John Pride, a lowly detective on the trail of drug pirates, the four parts of the story taking you from a poppy-covered artificial farm satellite via teleport back to your spaceship, which has been taken over by an evil alien presence, and finally to regain control.

There's nothing sensationally original here, but is is superbly crafted.

The first part is a good illustration. After every few moves, you must fill your bottle with water and drink, so you must never get too far away from the source. There is a short cut, but you can't carry more than a certain number of objects when using it. Several forcefields block your way until dealt with, while creepy-crawlies can put an end to your toils all too soon. To add to all your troubles, there is a kleptomaniac android who will come along at just the wrong moment and upset all your object-juggling by nicking the most important one! And this is just the first part...

A subtle sense of humour, plenty of knowing winks in the direction of well-loved adventuring cliches, puzzles of all kinds as well as a great atmosphere make this PAW'd adventure an absolute delight to play.

Overall Summary

Four part space adventure with terrific puzzles. A delight, but unfortunately a tad pricey.

Tony Bridge