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Computer Gamer

By Americana
Atari 400/800/XL/XE

Published in Computer Gamer #20


This is a re-release of a game that appeared until a full price label a while back. Now under a new lease of life 'Preppie' is on the new(ish) cheap(ish) US Gold imprint - Americana.

Firstly, it is probably wise to describe what a 'preppie' (or 'prepster') is, as it is a term that is only in common usage in that abomination of our fair language that is spoken in America. If I were to mention the phrases 'Ivy League' 'Green Wellies', 'Sloane Rangers' and 'Farquars', I'm sure you'll get my drift.

The game itself is a variant of Frogger (Remember that?) and the plot is that of retrieving golf balls from across alligator-infested rivers. Apart from that, there isn't a lot that I can say about the game - you all know what Frogger looks like!

The graphics are very good and the instructions are verbose, informative and useful. The gameplay is likewise up to scratch. If you like Frogger games then here's one with a difference that won't set you back a bundle.